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"An adjustment in your attitudes toward love or a partner today will be necessary with Venus quincunx Neptune. In some ways you will be unrealistic and need to use more common sense. A lot of uncertainty will exist around a love connection.

Your daily surroundings are currently changing, rajy. Perhaps your circle of friends has already undergone a major change. The fact is that you no longer have so many prejudices about the people you meet, and no longer seek out only a certain type of person as a friend. You accept whoever comes along. You may not realize it, but your attitude is completely different now from what it once was. Good for you!"

I know these things are just kinda computer generated but it's really weird how they're right on sometimes. I'm at work right now and am dreading 4:00. He comes in at 4 and makes me so nervous. When he talks to me I kind of freeze up and say the gayest things. And if he doesn't talk to me then I think that he knows that I like him and he hates me. I like work, and I don't ever dread going unless he's there. There's something about me that will never change and I hate it. Next weekend I'm working 16 hours with him and I'm more stressed about that than the fact that I just got dropped from the only class that I actually needed.



dude! i gave up on our lj and i check back and theres like 8 billion new entries lol! i hope your first day was better than it started! maybe ill see you tomorrow! bye.