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updating-and not from my blackberry for once :)

HEY! I don't really update anymore, and I have a paper due tomorrow so this is a perfect procrastination attempt. Not much is going on lately. Basically, school is good, work is good, it's all good right now. I was reading my old entries today, and I had no idea I was such a creep. Lol, seriously here's the entry from exactly 5 years ago, freshmen year:

"im in 6th period right now n i'm bored!!!!!!!!!
i saw JOSH 2day at lunch he got a sub and a water from outside lol he is so HOTT!
i still hav my calculator n no1 has touched it but me!!
me n ashley saw him in the halls and she says "josh is hott" n he kinda turns around! lol (sry ash 4 hittin u!!!!!!!!! SRY!)
but n e ways hez ded sexee!
IM BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! computer sux
hey thanx Amanda, Karen, Jackie, and Ashley 4 readin my journal ur the only people that do!! u guys r sexy i luv u!!!
hey vanessa ORGY!!! lol
hez sittin behind me right now lol
im sittin here laffin by myself n no1 knows y hahaha
" u 4got this" lol the 3 words he as ever sed 2 me!!
he is so f-in hott!!!!!
im cuttin down on my swearing in my journal entries cuz amanda sed i swear a lot lol
i have history next period---mr.terranova is crazy!! hez so weird
o n were playin a game-he sed sumthin bout a BOX lol zlatan
its 1:10 n im bored n theres nuthin more 2 type about!!
I LOVE JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shout outz 2 karen!!!
KAREN I LOVE U, u sexy beast!!! lo
shout outz 2 amanda!!!
hey amanda ur good at that!!! lol remember that we were so gay!
I L O V E Y O U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Do you think I used enough exclamation points? I actually though spelling like this was cool. That's wayy embarassing. Lol and who put shout outs in a journal? Josh is wicked cute though :)

That's all I got. This was my lame attempt at updating. So here's a couple random things: Colby O'donis' new cd is really good. I hate to admit it but the New Kids album is awesome, BUT that only because they've got RedOne, Timbaland, Nasra, and Akon producing every track. They Red Sox are heading to the playoffs and hopefully another World Series! & I apologize to all those who actually have read my pathetic, illiterate enties over the years. Lol and one last thing: I really want the 09 Civic Coupe, like sososo bad.

Yup, this car in my new obsession.