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LJ=procrastinating tool

I only come to this LJ to pracrastinate. I have to write a 5 paper on Ronald Reagan, and he his the most uninteresting person evverrr. What's new since I last updated, which was back in september...Well, I def. don't like that jerk santi anymore. That was horrible, it wasn't even fun while it lasted. The only good moment I had with him was training. And he's not the same person anymore. But he still makes me extremely nervous. I saw him in the library today as I was waiting for the class before to get out and I totaly was ready to skip class so I didn't have to face him. I honestly felt nauseous, like I do like 5 minutes before I have a presentation. I don't know why he has this effect on me!

So back in July I posted:
"I really like all the people I work with. There's a cutie in flooring. He's more my type than ricky martin lol but I don't like him. He's so much cuter and taller and nicer and cuter and funnier and cuter but no."

Ok, I didn't want to like him. Everytime I like someone I get nervous and act all awkward and it NEVER works out, which makes me feel horrible about myself. Yea well I can't help it anymore! This "cutie in flooring" is now in paint and his name his JON, and he's amazing. Lol, yes amazing. Out of all the people I've ever liked, Jon is better than all of them put together. It's %100 his personality that makes him so so cute. I could really type pages and pages on how and why he's awesome, but I won't. I instead have to write 5 pages on Ronald Reagan.

p.s. he possibly has a girlfriend

I know liking him isn't going to go anywhere good.



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